“I Want To Leave So Much Behind” (2021)


About "I Want To Leave So Much Behind"

The pictures in Nathan Cordova’s fourth publication, "I Want To Leave So Much Behind", continue his visual exploration of his complex relationship with his father who passed away in 2015. The Covid-19 pandemic and an unprecedented wildefire season forced him to change and adapt his previous methodologies, and instead include additional subject matter much closer to his home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nathan utilizes original black and white photographs, hand lettering, and archival family cameras to construct evocative, handcrafted, zines and art-objects.

Nathan Cordova comes from a family of storytellers with deep roots in Colorado and New Mexico. Facing familial violence and trauma, he photographs the landscapes and people that have shaped his identity. His pictures question the legacies of Spanish colonialism, Catholic patriarchy, Manifest Destiny and white-supremacy and explore the legacies of ancestor worship, oral storytelling, collective identity, activism and mutual aid. The images make visual these lasting legacies in order to deconstruct dominant culture and facilitate intergenerational healing.

Each edition contains original journal text sourced from the artist’s own handwriting, three 10”x12.5”, two 6"x7.5”, two 4"x3.25" and four 4.75"x2.75" original B&W photographs. On the back cover is a plate list as well as signature and edition number. This zine is a limited-edition of 100. Closed dimensions: 11”h x 8.5”w.